We are committed to bringing legislation closer to foreigners, in a way that they can understand and have their options clear to them. In order to do that, it is important for us to offer transparent and honest communication with our clients, including a one-on-one conversation. We want our clients to understand what we are talking about and for them to have the necessary information so they can make the decision that best suits them.



If you have a business idea or are about to begin your own StartUp, we can help you apply for residence in Spain through your project and an entrepreneurial visa. 

Additionally, if you or your company would like to receive training in a specific area regarding foreigners and immigration, contact us and we can talk about what we can offer.

At Pangea Iure we work on a one-on-one basis, adapting ourselves to each and every client and their needs.


We love working with companies, HR departments, and StartUps that are unfamiliar with the foreigners and immigration processes and laws and can lead them to significant mistakes.

If you are a company with a high percentage of foreigners working with you and want some back up to offer services related to work visas or residence permits, contact us and we will search for the formula that will best suit all.


  1. The first step is to set an appointment where you can share with us your current situation (personal, familial, employment situation, etc.) and what are you aiming for.

  2. Having this information we will be able to asses the situation and explain the range of alternatives available to you so that you can decide which path to follow.

  3. In case you decide to continue or start the process on your own, we will give you all the practical details so you move forward with the process. 

  4. We also offer the option to guide and accompany you throughout the entire process.

Judit Moreno Alonso has professional experience in areas as different as the insolvency of companies, banking, customer service, and general law. Judit graduated in Law from the UOC;  she is self-taught and an immigration expert.


While doing an internship in a legal office in Barcelona, she was in charge of the immigration department; she found that this area of law perfectly combined the application of legal knowledge and the warmth of working with people. At the same time, it represented for her, a personal growth through the stories of cultural improvement and diversity of its customers. Thus, she decided to specialize in this area and in the area of human rights with training in the Barcelona Law School, the Acsar Foundation, the Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya, the SURT Foundation and the Antigone Group (UAB).


Judit started Pangea Iure four years ago with a mission to offer a comprehensive accompaniment service in the immigration procedures for both individuals and companies, away from the excessively formal treatment that is provided in traditional law firms. For her, these immigration procedures are necessary steps to build a richer society culturally speaking and to help people through both personal and professional challenges. 


Judit values her time, as well as that of her clients.  When she is not working she likes to enjoy nature with her family, photography, traveling around the world and always learning and collecting adventures and experiences.



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